Japanese School

Japanese Language School in Obihiro area is started

If you are in Tokachi, Obihiro area, and want to learn Japanese, we have a one-on-one private lesson for you in Tokachi.

Since 2012, we were requested by foreign resident for a short or long term stay to teach Japanese for them. We responded to have one-on-one Japanese lesson since then.

Currently we have 9 months program to teach Japanese to prepare them to take JLTP N3 after successful completion of the intensive Japanese beginner and intermediate classes. This is just an example, we accept Japanese learner of all levels. 

Any Japanese students wanting to learn Japanese can contact us for appointment. Ayumi Lee is a experienced Japanese teacher who can take any level of Japanese students to improve their survival skills upto the Japanese college entrance or job taking in Japan.

Special class is offered for anyone who wants to be a missionary in Japan.  You would be accepted into a family environment where you can stay at a home and study Japanese at the same time. Special lessons are given regarding Biblical Japanese or church culture along with survival skills in Japan. Sharing God's Word or praying in Japanese may be difficult at first, but soon you will be able to get used to it.

Each lesson costs 4500 yen per lesson. It is a private lesson to tailor made just for you.

Available time can be different each time, but you can make an advanced appointments so that you can ensure your time slot for the lessons.

Please contact us for the lesson.

We look forward to hear from you.

Enjoy your stay in Japan!!

Abraham Lee
Japanese Program Coordinator


I. A さん












* 英語を学ぶには、時に合う表現が出来るのが大事です。どんな場面でどんな表現をすれば、通じるのかを中心に教えます。
* 完全に学ぶ前に次に進まず、何回も繰り返し自分のものとなった時、次に進みます。
* 常にネイティブと関わる機会を与え、学んだことを実際に使って見る機会を与え、伝える喜びを感じられるように努力する。