At Pharmacy 薬局で


Part I: Listen and Read: Read along with the audio recording.


I was feeling a little under the weather the other day, so I decided to visit my doctor before things got worse. I called her in the morning, and I made an appointment for 9:30 a.m. When I arrived at her office, I had to fill out some insurance paperwork and a sheet describing my current medical condition, along with the symptoms I was feeling. After a few minutes, the nurse called my name and took me back to one of their examination rooms. She took my vital signs including my temperature and blood pressure, and then I waited until the doctor came in. After looking me over and asking a few questions, the doctor's diagnosis was that I had a bacterial infection. She wrote me out a prescription for some medication, which I was supposed to take two times a day. After the exam, I went back to the reception area and paid the bill.

Part II: Discussion

In some countries, people go to a general practitioner or a doctor trained to handle all general medical care. However, in other countries, people always go to specialists when they are ill. What is the medical care system like in your country? Are patients seen in individual, private examination rooms?

Part III: Online Investigation

Describing your own medical condition can be very difficult in a foreign language. Look at the following medical problems and decide how you would describe the problem in English. If possible, tell how the problem occurred. Use the Internet to help you with your description:

sprained ankle, diarrhea, broken bone, the flu

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tatemono-ams01-small アムス語学スクールを選ぶ理由

  • マンツーマンセミプライベート少人数制(3人以上7人程度まで)で、各個人を大切にして、丁寧に教えます話せる語学を学ぶために必要な会話・リスニング・対話などを重視して、文法、読解力、聴解力など、バランス良い授業を展開しています。
  • アブラハム式 教授法で、言語に密着している文化を共に学びます。 アブラハムは、韓国からアメリカへ渡り、アメリカの国籍となり、それから、日本人と結婚し、日本の文化に慣れていくうち、語学や文化を乗り越える公式を理 解し、東洋・西洋の違いと同時に、語学を学ぶに必要な資質を教えます。言葉と文化は、必ず共に学ぶものであることが、大事なポイントとなります。




* 英語を学ぶには、時に合う表現が出来るのが大事です。どんな場面でどんな表現をすれば、通じるのかを中心に教えます。
* 完全に学ぶ前に次に進まず、何回も繰り返し自分のものとなった時、次に進みます。
* 常にネイティブと関わる機会を与え、学んだことを実際に使って見る機会を与え、伝える喜びを感じられるように努力する。